The Art of Conscious Breastfeeding

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I remember those first few days after Bean was born when we struggled with breastfeeding. When he didn’t want to latch on and I wasn’t sure what I was doing. I remember wondering if we would ever get the hang of it, and if we did, whether I would ever get anything else done, not having realised how often a newborn needs to feed.

And then we did get the hang of it, and before long I was able to feed him and do other things at the same time. After almost 6 years of breastfeeding now, I think I’m a fairly accomplished breastfeeding multi-tasker.  I think nothing of attending conference calls, online chats, training seminars etc whilst feeding Plum or PK. I can write blog posts, play games, read emails and feed. I’ve lost count of the number of business calls I’ve made and received whilst feeding. I was laughing with a team member recently about loving the kind of business where you can have a business meeting and breastfeed your child at the same time and no-one bats an eyelid.


But do you know what I miss? Conscious breastfeeding. Zen breastfeeding, if you will. The art of being conscious in the moment, of recognising and valuing that bond with your child.  Of being still and quiet and just breathing in each other’s existence and this special connection.

There’s so little time for it these days – three children, a business, home education, hobbies, housework … life. There seems to be so little time for anything some days that it seems almost wasteful not to combine that time sitting still with achieving something else.  And sometimes, that is the case. But not always.

Bean had me to himself. Plum did too – Bean was at school by the time Plum was born and she got a lot of one-to-one with me. PK doesn’t. He never has. And so I resolve to make time. To commit to spending time each day only feeding him, not combining it with reading emails, writing blogs, having a business call. To just breathe him in.

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8 comments on “The Art of Conscious Breastfeeding

  1. So well written – it reads almost like a poem 🙂

  2. Well written and quietly earnest about the topic. Enjoyed it.

  3. Cindy James on said:

    one of the joys of being a woman

  4. Gemma Button on said:

    I never realised how time consuming breast feeding was until recently, iv been watch it’s Judy’s life on you tube and since having the twins all she seems to do is feed the babies, no matter how time consuming i will definitely try and breast feed my babies in the future, the health benefits weigh out any time spent 🙂


  5. So beautifully written! and you certainly sound like a brilliant multi tasker! Once I was breastfeeding whilst helping my two year old build his new scooter and I remember thinking: “What am I doing?”. I understand completely what you mean about conscious feeding. So important to have that peace x

  6. Perfectly written Nicola and thanks so much for sharing with The Breastfeeding Diaries. Stopping and just being in the moment is a fine art these days, especially for us busy Mum’s. I have to make an effort too so I complete;y get what your saying. It’s great to multi task, but it’s important just to be still too

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