Three is Harder Than Two

gruffaloI read this list of Ten Reasons Age Three is More Terrible Than Two the other day. It describes my wonderful, loving, quirky, intelligent, loud, wilful, strong, fierce three year old Plum *almost* to a tee.

Almost. Plum started talking at nine months old. By age two, she was more than capable of holding an intelligent conversation, so aged three is no different on that score – except that she is cheekier and more knowing that she was at two. And she has also perfected her exasperated sigh.

We also had the epic tantrums well before two, and they continued past her third birthday. Although we’re not rid of them yet, I do think we are at the tail end of this particularly delightful phase.

combinationsWe’re definitely enjoying the results of her choosing her own clothing combinations. She’s been doing this on and off for quite a while too, though not since she was two. One memorable combination was a pair of bright orange cotton trousers, with a purple tutu over the top, a black tshirt with a white “goddess” embroidered logo and yellow Pudsey ears on a headband. It’s a very useful lesson in learning to let go.

Having a three year old daughter who is wonderful, loving, quirky, intelligent, loud, wilful, strong and fierce is …. well, I think they call it character building.

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4 comments on “Three is Harder Than Two

  1. An absolute look of butter wouldn’t melt!

  2. My friends little girl is almost 3 and I can defiantly agree 3 is a crazy mad age, she runs around like anything, she demands everything is her way or its the tears for hours on end, can’t wait to have my own kids haha 😛

  3. SO CUTE. haha great post x

  4. 3 going on 13 eh? That’s what we found with Carson!!

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