100 Happy Days – Day 22

Today has been one of those  days. It started being one of those  days when Stonelaughter left the house this morning to go to London for the day. He left over 2 hours later than he usually starts work, but the minute he closed the front door, all three children burst into tears. Bean and Plum cried and complained for over half an hour that they missed him, and PK kept up a plaintive “Daddy? Daddy? DaaaaddddddY” all day.

15 minutes later we left for Plum’s dance classes but when tap class started, she didn’t want to join in. She was tired, she was hungry, she needed some milk. I had sandwiches, juice and boobs with me, so I did what I could for her. She changed into her ballet shoes, but wouldn’t take part in that either. Eventually, she was persuaded to join in some bits , holding the teacher’s hand and with half a jam sandwich in the other hand.  Just when I thought all was OK, she burst into tears again.

She went to nursery this afternoon, with no problems, but as soon as we got home she had a tantrum, shouted at everyone, hit me a lot and was generally unpleasant for over an hour. Urgh.

However, there were some nice bits too. Bean and I got through all the work we had planned to do today, and have set out our Tuesday project work for the next few weeks. Bean has been a delight today, and has been really helpful with the little two.  PK has made us laugh a lot.

I didn’t get photos of any of that though. So here’s something else that made me happy today –

a homemade chicken and mushroom pie, as requested by Bean, made with gluten free puff pastry (which is why it looks a little odd, but it tasted nice). Bean ate half the pie I made and gave it a big thumbs up – saying he wished there was more of it. I’ll need to make a bigger one next time.

Another thing that makes me happy is the knowledge that there is a bottle of wine in the fridge with my name on it. I feel like I deserve a glass (or two) tonight 😉

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