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2013-05-11 20.20.01Last May, I went to France, along with seven other Barefoot Books Ambassadors, to spend several days at the home of our CEO Nancy Traversy. It was a prize that we had all won during the Christmas selling season.

Whilst there, we got to see some sneak peaks of upcoming books and some of the original artwork that was created for them. One of the new books that we looked at was a sequel to our very popular The Prince’s Bedtime*.  We saw some of the artwork created for it, and Editor in Chief Tessa Strickland read to us one evening from the manuscript. I loved it.

Earlier this year, I saw an advanced copy – not a finished copy, but a proof of the book that was coming. And now, this week, it is finally available to buy – it’s a real book and I still love it.  It’s been amazing to see this book at the various stages of its life and so it was fab to be able to read some of the insider story of this book from Managing Editor Kate de Palma and Project Manager Beth Hancock. I thought I would share some of this info with you. And so I present …  the life and times of The Prince’s Breakfast*.

“The little prince who wouldn’t go to sleep in The Prince’s Bedtime struck such a chord with our community that we knew we had to check back in with the young royal to learn about more of his challenges and adventures. Author Joanne Oppenheim decided to tackle the subject of mealtime difficulties because she, like the prince, is a fussy eater! This book finds the stubborn prince so uninterested in eating that his parents decide to take him on a trip around the world to find something that will appeal to him.

Barefoot illustrator Miriam Latimer brings her trademark bright, quirky style to the artwork. The solution for the young prince winds up being a liberal helping of tomato ketchup, served up by a friendly old man in Zambia, so it may be a surprise that illustrator Miriam doesn’t even like ketchup. However, she has dedicated the book to her husband and son, both of whom LOVE it!

English: Hugh Bonneville at the 2011 Minghella...The incredibly charming and down-to-earth Hugh Bonneville provided the audio for this fun book. He was a delight to work with and really had a laugh creating voices for all of the fabulous characters – the whole team at the recording, including the sound engineer, were in stitches . . . we have to admit that some of his more “entertaining” ad-libs were not suitable for inclusion! Hugh is of course well known as the Earl of Grantham in Downton Abbey as well as many other roles including Notting Hill, which happens to be project manager Beth’s favorite film. Needless to say, she was suitably fan-girl-ish about getting to meet him . . . she came away from the recording clutching an autograph for herself, and her mum!

We hope you love this fun, colorful picture book as much as we do. Kirkus Reviews has already given a glowing review, saying,

“Brightly hued, amusing, cartoon-style drawings in acrylic paints and watercolor pencils provide international verve to complement the rhyming verse.”

The Prince’s Breakfast is available in both hardback and paperback, both with audio CD included.

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4 comments on “A Book about Breakfast

  1. My little girl is 5 and loves reading, love the look of the books especially ‘The Prince’s Breakfast’. I think its great to have the books that come with the audio CD too, although Abi loves me reading to her I think the CD’s also help and encouridge them to learn on their own too.

    Emily x

  2. We love reading and have a few with CDs too. I think they are great especially if you haven’t got time to read to your little one.

  3. A great review Nicola. A lovely book, as fellow Barefoot Ambassador I’m really looking forward to sharing this new title with children and families that I come into contact with.

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