100 Happy Days – Day 17

stallThis morning I took Plum and PK to work with me. I was booked to showcase our books and business opportunity at a mums and babies pamper morning. I was really looking forward to it – it was so peaceful and relaxing last time I did one and having my children with me was no hassle at all because it was geared up for children – toys, fabrics, feathers, bubbles – a lovely sensory play session.

So I set off this morning quite happy about taking them again, knowing they would enjoy themselves whilst I worked. I was a little concerned about the time, being as we had to negotiate a notoriously busy connection to the M1 (even though we weren’t going on the M1) at rush-hour, but left time for that.  So being delayed because one lane of the dual carriageway approaching this intersection was closed due to an accident wasn’t in my plan. We crawled along the 6 miles from our home to the “busy” spot, which actually was not all that busy in comparison to the queue we’d just been in.

Once past the M1, I expected plain sailing the rest of the way, but wouldn’t you know it,  now the other lane of the dual carriageway was closed because someone had crashed into the hedge. We finally got past that and then it really was plain sailing. Right up to the point, almost at our destination, where there were temporary traffic lights because one lane was closed. Sigh.

Anyway, by some miracle we made it in plenty of time. The children played, I got set up, there was time for a coffee and all was well. And then as the pamper sessions got under way, PK knocked over someone’s coffee which was on the floor, and promptly sat in it. Off came his shoes, socks and trousers and he spent the rest of the morning in his vest and nappy.  Plum loved playing with the bubbles and was given a small pot to blow her own bubbles at one point. She spilled some (a lot), just as PK came walking by. He slipped in it, fell over, screamed his head off … and his vest was soaked through with bubble solution.

parachuteThank goodness it was a Mums and babies session – so everyone else there had young children and no-one was phased. As the morning wore on, some of the babies began getting tired and upset. With the bubbles no longer working to calm frayed baby nerves, out came a huge piece of fabric and several adults worked together to float it over the babies’ heads, whilst breathing slowly and rhythmically. The result? Almost instant calm amongst the children again. Lovely!

And so, despite the challenges this morning, it was still a lovely time, where I got to introduce more families to Barefoot Books*, tell some stories and sit peacefully and get cuddles whilst both Plum and PK had some milk. Bliss!

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2 comments on “100 Happy Days – Day 17

  1. i am pleased you finally mad it and had fun, i used to take my son and daughters to sensory play groups like this and it was soo much fun x

  2. Happy for you that everything work out well in the end

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