100 Happy Days – Day 16

day16aEasy peasy today.  My parents popped in today to collect Bean, as they are taking him away for a few days. They had a quick lunch and played with Plum and PK before they left with Bean.  I’m already missing Bean and Plum and PK both burst into tears as soon as they left.

day16!The happy bit is seeing them though – it’s the first time we’ve seen them this year, with Mum not able to travel until recently and us being busy – it’s been too long!  And now we’ll see them again at the weekend. Hurray


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4 comments on “100 Happy Days – Day 16

  1. Lovely photos and I am sure you deserve a bit of a break 🙂

  2. Pretty In Pink on said:

    Oh man, he is the cutest! His smile is just perfect <3

  3. The hundred days of happy challenge is a great thing to do for yourself. Being separated can be difficult, but it’s wonderful that you could find the blessing.

  4. Aw I hope bean has a great time and you all don’t miss bean too much

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