100 Happy Days – Day 13

2014-03-16 11.54.56-2Today, we went to the local soft play centre, as Plum had been invited to a birthday party there. Plum is my fearless little girl, but she is really quite small for her age (3), so when we saw her ignoring the little slide and climbing all the way to the top of the big (BIG) slide, without help or even a backward glance, we were impressed. We also expected to hear her shouting for help from the top when she looked down and decided it wasn’t for her.  The shout didn’t come. This is what we saw instead.

That’s my girl!

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4 comments on “100 Happy Days – Day 13

  1. Gingey bites on said:

    She is adorable! And so brave, my niece would be too scared to go down that big slide at her age!

  2. I loved them places. so gutted Im too tall for them now haha x

  3. Gosh, that’s a very brave little girl! I sometimes think some children just have no fear at all! I guess its something you learn as you get older! Hope she enjoyed the party.

  4. Aww so cute! I love taking my nieces to play areas like this! One of them has just turned 8 and she’s usually a little scared of the bigger slides haha

    meimei xx

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