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An Afghan blanket (in progress) on a chair. Fr...

Yeay! I finished a crochet project which I really love.  I can’t show you it (yet) though, because it’s a present. Finishing it means something else can move up the priority list.

Currently on the list:

  • A present for a couple of weeks’ time.
  • A blanket for Plum
  • A blanket for PK.
  • A Gryffindor scarf for Bean.
  • An Afghan blanket for me.
  • Four more blankets for presents.
  • And Plum has just asked if I will make her a sheep cushion. So add that to list too, once I find a pattern for it.

I’ve also just had a delivery of yarn that I ordered online from The Works. I was looking for home ed resources, but they had some DK at a bargain price and it was just the right fit for a project I had in mind. Now, if only I could remember what that project was, I could add it to the list (I have the yarn for everything in the list already).

I’d put my (crocheted) thinking cap on, if only Plum hadn’t nicked it and declared it hers. (It looks better on her too!)

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3 comments on “The Project List

  1. That is so pretty, nice colour combination, I still have one I crocheted with my Granny when I was a child. I bet its nice to finally finish and get onto a new project. The Afghan blanket sounds interesting!

  2. Wow sounds like you have a lot of projects on the go – it’s always lovely making something yourself 🙂

    Laura x

  3. You are so talented making this! I am just learning to sew but remember crocheting when I was young.

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