Didn’t We Have a Lovely Time the Day We Went to … Hogwarts



Bean began reading the Harry Potter books last year and was immediately hooked on them. He finished book 7 two days ago. He is 8 years old and they captured his imagination. I can’t remember the last time a day went by when Harry didn’t play a part in his day.

For Christmas, I made him a set of Gryffindor robes. Later, Stonelaughter handmade him a wooden wand. This week, we visited the Harry Potter studios. It was an amazing day.  He wore his robes and took his wand. Plum wore her Little Red Riding Hood cloak, and took her “wand” too.  Before we even got through the door, they had been asked to pose for photos by a dozen Japanese tourists.  Plum and Bean were a nonplussed by this!

The tour of the studios took three and a half hours (though it felt like a lot less) and Bean’s excitement level stayed at eleven the whole way around. It was magical to see all the sets, the props and more. Because it was Bean’s birthday treat, he got to open the great doors to Hogwarts. We had our photo taken in the Weasley car, Bean and Plum rode on broomsticks, we drank Butterbeer, they rode on the Knightbus, we visited Ollivanders ….. and on it went.

Bean’s favourite thing was riding on a broomstick over Hogwarts. Plum loved seeing Dobby. I loved the Burrow, with the carrots chopping themselves, the knitting knitting itself, and the infamous clock.  Olivanders was my idea of heaven, all those little boxes on the shelves (did you know that they hand finished 17000 wand boxes for the set of Olivanders?)

It was really well put together, everything was well organised, and the staff were all really friendly – even from the moment we got to the approach to the car park and we were impressed by the whole thing.

The gift shop was enormous, and full of everything you could possibly imagine from the books and films (but my goodness, it was expensive – £27 for a Gryffindor scarf!)

Well worth a visit if you have a Harry Potter fan in your family. There was enough to keep us all interested, from Plum, aged 3, to Stonelaughter aged 40something. And even PK enjoyed riding in the Weasley car!

Bloody brilliant.


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3 comments on “Didn’t We Have a Lovely Time the Day We Went to … Hogwarts

  1. Sounds like you had a really magical day – can’t wait to do this with the little man when he is a bit older 🙂

    Laura x

  2. I would love to visit the Harry Potter studios! I am 27 and still a fan 🙂

  3. That looks brilliant, I can’t wait till my son is a little older and then I will have an excuse to go to these places!

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