100 Happy Days – Day 3

Today, I found it difficult to choose what to use for today’s Happy picture – it’s been a really good, positive day.

But the one I went for is this …..

carMy car went in for repair yesterday, to get the dent removed from where I backed into a car one dark, rainy night (my first accident in 18 years of driving).  I took my car in yesterday having been warned I’d be without it for the rest of the week.

So imagine my surprise just before lunch this morning when the garage called to say it was all fixed and I could collect it this afternoon.

meandcarAnd now I have it back. And it looks shiny and new again. And they’ve cleaned it, inside and out, and they’ve put one of those smelly lemon air freshener things in (you can’t have it all, sadly).

Happy Days!

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