100 Happy Days – Day 1

100 Happy DaysI’ve been seeing 100 Happy Days posts all over the place recently, and wondered what they were about. Then I started thinking I could perhaps have 100 Happy Days, and started wondering whether I could do the challenge. Then yesterday, quite by accident, I read this blog post in which M.E. Mummy talked about starting her own 100 Happy Days challenge, and I decided I would take part. And so here is day number 1. If you want to know more about the challenge, you can visit the 100 Happy Days website.

2014-03-04 20.59.39I’ve been making my eldest son an Afghan blanket, at his request. He saw the Afghan squares I was making for the Moogly CAL and asked if he could have a blanket of his own.

I am very happy to say that tonight he is tucked up in bed with the completed blanket. I’m really happy with how it turned out.

2014-03-04 20.59.16

However, now that it’s finished, Plum is eagerly awaiting her own Afghan blanket, and happily picked out the colours she wanted in the wool shop today 🙂


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4 comments on “100 Happy Days – Day 1

  1. I love these blankets. I have a lot of squares I have made set aside to put a blanket together for my Mum.

  2. 100 days of happiness in a row??? Now THAT is a challenge! It’s more than 3 months, so it includes 3 menstrual cycles!!lol ah ah. Love your blankets, how long does it take you to do them? I think it’s fabulous to do this and they will probably, in the future, be passed down to the next generations!

    • I try and do the squares in between other things, so probably get one a day done. So that’s 20 days. Plus the finishing off, that was another day, and the stitching together was another day. And the border took several days (since I can’t work on it all the time). There were plenty of gaps in between too, so it took a month all in I suppose

  3. I love these posts and that blanket is brilliant, my mum did one for me recently which fits my King Size Bed x

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