Swimming Up River

CubsLogoIn a couple of weeks, Bean will swim up river from his Beaver colony and join his Cub pack. He is very excited about this. He should have done it in January, but we had a timetabling issue (Cubs clashed with Judo and it proved difficult to find an alternative Cub pack with space. In the end, we managed to find another Judo club with space).

In preparation, I’ve been looking at the badges available – he does like to collect badges!  I’m encouraged that they are more in-depth than the Beaver badges, which were really quite simple for him to do. The cubs badges are something he is going to have work at, over a time, not something he can achieve in a day.

I also love the fact that many of them fit in with his interests and things we plan to cover in home ed. I can see him loving to cover the work on some of these badges (and we’ve just completed an experiment which is listed on the Scientist badge):

  • scientistbadgeArtist
  • Astronomer
  • Book Reader
  • Chef
  • Collector (we take part in Postcrossing)
  • Communicator
  • DIY
  • IT Level 2 (he already has Level 1)
  • My Faith (though this will need discussion, because as it is, it won’t fit with Paganism)
  • Scientist
  • World Faiths

I also think he will enjoy taking part in these badges, since they cover other hobbies, or things he likes to do:

  • martialartsbadgeEntertainer
  • Hobbies
  • Home Help
  • Martial Arts
  • Naturalist
  • Road Safety

I’m really pleased that so many of the things that we already planned to do as part of our home ed will fit in with badges, and the badges themselves give us ideas of how to take things further. We’ll need to go a little more in-depth, and I can see that Bean is going to love delving into these topics. A badge at the end will be a great bonus!


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2 comments on “Swimming Up River

  1. Good luck bean and I hope he enjoys cubs and gets his next badge. Home Ed has so many positive benefits to children and it is great to see he is doing well.

  2. you sound like you have a very busy schedule i wish they had all those for my lil ones here x

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