Growing Crystals

Bean and Stonelaughter have been experimenting again, this time with salt and crystals.

eggshellsThey dissolved salt into water, until no more would dissolve, added food colouring and poured their mixture into egg shells.  They agreed to leave them for 3 days and then come back to see what happened.

Bean confidently predicted that nothing would have changed, and they would come back to find egg shells filled with coloured water.

And he was right (mainly because Stonelaughter put the shells in a really cold spot in the house!).  Having checked on them, they agreed to move them to a radiator and check again in a few days.

This morning was the reveal.

Bean was very excited to have “grown” crystals, and really impressed with the pyramid shaped crystal in one egg.

Last job is to jot down his findings in his experiment book (and no doubt choose his next experiment).

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3 comments on “Growing Crystals

  1. Fiona Naughton on said:

    Awh how lovely, I can’t wait to do things like this with my boy when he’s older.

  2. Thanks for this… something to try and amuse Carson whilst he has chickenpox!

  3. what a lovely idea i must try this with my girls who love anyhting that sparkles x

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