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Costa CoffeeYesterday, I was dispatched off to Costa Coffee with my laptop and crochet and without any children, for a couple of hours of headspace time. It also allowed PK an opportunity to do without me for a little while. He’s very clingy at the moment, although tends to be OK if I’m in the room. If I leave the room, all hell breaks out. If I leave the house, he’s generally OK, and just gets on with playing.  So, Stonelaughter decided I should get out for a couple of hours for a break. Well, it would have been churlish to say no, wouldn’t it?

Whilst in Costa, I blogged, read, and got on with Bean’s Afghan blanket, finishing square 17 and starting square 18, the last square. I got a few funny looks, but whether these were for the crochet, the shaved head, the combination of the two or something else, I couldn’t tell you (and I don’t really care, I realised).


Knitting technique v Crochet technique

At one point, a lady came over to chat to me. She said she was intrigued by what I was doing, and looked at the crochet in my hand, and the pattern, she she could see where this would fit in with the whole. She was a knitter and crocheter and said she had come over because she had never seen anyone crochet like me before. I didn’t understand. She went on to explain that almost everyone she knows crochets the same way. I do not. Apparently, I crochet like a knitter. This doesn’t surprise me. I am self taught and when I first tried to crochet, what the lady in the shop and people on You Tube told me to do did not compute. I couldn’t hold the yarn the way they suggested. It didn’t work for me. The lady in the shop told me not to worry. She said I would find what worked for me, and I did. And since then I have never watched anyone else crochet, so was unaware that I do it significantly differently. Most people it turns out, hold the yarn still in one hand and move the hook around the yarn with the other. I do the opposite. I hold the hook in my right hand and my left does all the work, weaving the yarn around the hook, like you do with knitting. So there you go. You learn something new every day.

I find it ironic though, since last time I tried to knit, I couldn’t do it for the life of me!

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2 comments on “Crochet Conversation in Costa

  1. I love knitting, so relaxing, yet stressful too haha

  2. Oh I havent tried knitting since juniors , I dont think i even have the time to x

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