TMI Warning: Sanitary Products

Auntie Daisy UKRecently, a male friend that I haven’t seen in far too many years, and for whom I have a lot of respect, sent me a page suggestion on Facebook. He suggested I like AuntieDaisyUK, a company who deliver sanitary towels & tampons discreetly through the letterbox each month. 100% of their profits go to Camfed, helping girls in Africa get an education. It sounds like an amazing idea, and yet I haven’t liked the page. And I got to thinking “why not?”

There are a couple of reasons, and none of them are to do with what the page is about in itself. I’m posting about it here because I think it’s a really worthwhile cause, but it’s not directly relevant to me at the moment. Or so I thought. I haven’t (and here’s the TMI bit) had a period in 4 years, since I became pregnant with Plum. I was still breastfeeding her when I became pregnant with PK, when Plum was 15 months old. PK is now 14 months old, and I am still breastfeeding both Plum and PK. And still no period. Which, actually, is more than OK with me. But it means that I currently have no need for sanitary products, and haven’t had for some time. And even when I did, disposable products were not part of my world, hadn’t been for over 8 years. It seems such a waste of money and resources, so I favoured the moon cup*, which I found to be convenient, cost effective and comfortable. So Auntie Daisy isn’t relevant to me.

Or so I thought. And then I thought again. I know plenty of people for whom it is relevant, directly. Plenty of people who might be interested in buying their products. And the education of girls in Africa is relevant to us all, surely?

So I thought again. Liked the page, posted a blog. Passed on the info. You’re welcome.

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4 comments on “TMI Warning: Sanitary Products

  1. This is such a wonderful idea and a great cause. I’ve never heard of a company doing this before, it’s not something I would actually use. Only because I’m well stocked in the tampon department! haha!

    Georgie xx

  2. What a great way to give back to humanity with disposable products. I’ve used reusable nappies for my littlest and they are fab but I’m not a fan of reusable sanitary products for women so think this is a great way to use disposable products. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Was the moon cup easy to get used to? I have been thinking about it. I’m kinda in the same boat as you, haven’t had a cycle in almost two years, I’m rather dreading it’s return.

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