Imbolc Celebrations

Imbolc is the time when we begin to really see the light return and the first signs of renewed life start showing themselves.

jar1As an eclectic pagan family; we don’t follow Wicca and avoid formalised ritual and so our celebrations rarely include particular words or actions. And of course, we want to include the children. This means that rather than having a set time during a festival to celebrate, we prepare a number of different activities which we can do during the day.

imbolcbulbsFor Imbolc this year, we planted some bulbs (since we don’t have any in our garden at the moment to see the new life popping up, we planted some instead).  Bean and Plum tucked the bulbs into the soil and covered them over, and then Plum very carefully watered them.

647151920734635469_2416632Our second activity was creating a wish jar.  We used an old (clean!) jam jar and the children decorated both the jar itself and its new label. Then we each wrote a wish on a piece of paper (well, Plum told me her wish I wrote it down for her; PK slept through this activity) and decorated our wish slip before putting them in the jar and sealing it. We’ve put the jar in the cupboard and will revisit it and our wishes next Imbolc.

Once it began to get dark, we headed outside where Stonelaughter had built a small fire in the brazier, using the Yule logs the children had made. At Imbolc, we usually burn our Yule wreath, but we didn’t have one last year. The first thing Bean and Plum noticed was the beautiful waxing moon which was incredibly clear. The sky was really clear too, so much so that we were able to see an amazing earth light imbolcfirearound Luna. They spent a few moments checking for stars (three) and planets (one) and then we lit the fire. When it was burning nicely, I said some words about the season as they came to me.  Bean then surprised me by adding his own words, which he had remembered from a book he has been reading about the Pagan festivals. It was lovely to hear him confidently add his own unplanned contribution.

Stonelaughter then played some flute for us, which really captivated PK and then we watched the fire for a little while, before the cold drove us back indoors.

It was a very laid back, low-key celebration, but it felt very right for our family.

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