Experimenting with Gravity

sciencefolderShortly before Christmas, we went to Lidl to see if they had a particular crafty item in their weekly deals. They didn’t, but we did find a rather splendid ring binder full of 365 science experiments for £5, so we bought it.

Bean likes experiments, and science and he likes doing science experiments with his Dad so it was a perfect resource for us. When Bean started leafing through it the other day to decide which experiment he would like to start with, I spotted a chance to get some written work out of him.

I gave him a new exercise book (thanks to The Works, we got a pack of 25 for £3 recently) to use as his science book.  He had free reign to choose any experiment he wanted, as long as he could provide a shopping list of items we would need.  Then in his book, he wrote the title, list of items, and the hypothesis of the experiment, along with drawing a picture to go with it. After doing the experiment he wrote down his observations.

gravityHe chose an experiment to do with gravity and it had him filling a balloon with water, tying it to a piece of elastic and swinging it round his head. From this he had to note what happened to the balloon and then he was able to relate this to the gravitational pull on planets – something which we will come back to at a later date, as he is really interested in the planets. For his picture, he looked up the order of the planets and drew them around the sun.

This rates as a big success in my book. Bean loves learning new things, and retains unbelievable detail, but hasn’t been keen to make a record of things, but keeping an experiment book seems to have caught his imagination.

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