Bean and Stonelaughter have been experimenting again, this time with salt and crystals. They dissolved salt into water, until no more would dissolve, added food colouring and poured their mixture into egg shells.  They agreed to leave them for 3 days and then come back to see what[…]

Separation Anxiety.  Do all children go through it? PK is going through it. Big time.  I know both Bean and Plum went through it, but I’m pretty sure they were both younger than PK is. PK is 14 months old now and his separation anxiety is getting difficult[…]

When you begin home educating, many people advise a period of deschooling – a time when you may not do any formal learning (though possibly plenty of activities) to get school out of everyone’s system. Different people suggest different lengths of time, but a rule of thumb I’ve[…]

Yesterday, I was dispatched off to Costa Coffee with my laptop and crochet and without any children, for a couple of hours of headspace time. It also allowed PK an opportunity to do without me for a little while. He’s very clingy at the moment, although tends to[…]

Recently, a male friend that I haven’t seen in far too many years, and for whom I have a lot of respect, sent me a page suggestion on Facebook. He suggested I like AuntieDaisyUK, a company who deliver sanitary towels & tampons discreetly through the letterbox each month.[…]