When Furry Friends Go Bad

furbyIt used to be that if you had a furry friend that sang sweetly to itself all you had to do to avoid things going wrong was not feed its accidental offspring after midnight.

Things have changed apparently.

Bean had a Furby for Christmas. It’s sweet and it speaks Furbish and sings and is generally very cute. You can’t create accidental offspring, and it doesn’t shy away from bright lights. It doesn’t even seem to matter if you feed it after midnight, so you’d be forgiven for thinking there was little danger in keeping this pet.

Except if you allow younger siblings to play with it. Apparently, it does not take kindly to having a 3 year old’s finger stuck forcibly and repeatedly in its mouth. Nor does it revel in being “loved” by a one year old who shakes it by its ear. The poor thing could be heard making “I’m not happy” noises.

It seems the final straw was being left face down on a table by PK though. He got bored of “loving” it, left it where it lay and went to play with something else. We thought it was asleep, but maybe it was just brooding. When Bean picked it up half an hour later, he was greeted by an angry growl. The eyes had changed and were filled with menace. Even the ears looked scary.

evilfurbyApparently, Furby does not like being played with by younger siblings, and decided to tells us. And let me tell you, angry Furby is scary – creepy even. Bean was not overly smitten with his pet’s new personality.  I could hardly stand being in the same room as it.

We heard that playing music might help. It made things worse. We hit the Furby website, read the instruction booklet back to front, desperate to find out how to get cute Furby back, to no avail.

Eventually, Stonelaughter came across a YouTube video from a seven year old and our problem was solved. Cute Furby was back in the room.

And Plum and PK have been asked ever so nicely not to bother the cute furry friend again.



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