Get Your Craft On: Crocheted Beanie Hat

It is a truth universally acknowledged that if you shave your head in the middle of winter in the UK, your head is going to be cold.

beaniehatI needed a hat. I had a stash of yarn waiting for a project. And now, I have a hat. Well, two actually, but I gave the first one to Plum. I crocheted it too tightly, and it was too small for my head, but was perfect to sit atop Plum’s curls. So I added a nice little rim and it was done. The second is the same size, in terms of stitches, but I crocheted it looser this time and it fits my head nicely.

This was a nice, quick pattern by Kate Alvis which I found on Ravelry, though I changed it as I went along, as I wanted a bit of a pattern in the stitches.

Now all I have to do is decide on my next crochet project.


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