Letting Children Decide

Plum is still very taken with my lack of hair. She has asked if we can shave all her hair off too. We said no.  But it got me thinking – at what age are children old enough to make decisions for themselves about their appearance?

Having just made the decision to do what I wanted and shave all my hair off, I felt somewhat hypocritical denying the same right to my daughter, but she is three years old, and not (in my opinion) able to make that kind of decision for herself.

The sort of style currently favoured by Bean

A couple of years ago, when Bean wanted tramlines in his hair (which had been fairly long until that point), we said no. Now, he’s almost eight and we do let him decide on his own hairstyle. His preference now is for a long fringe which he “can swish when a pretty girl walks by”.

They both have a very large say in their clothes – Bean obviously decides for himself what he’s going to wear each day, and Plum does when she wants to choose, although she does veto things quite often. They both have quite a large input into the clothes that are bought.

So, at what age does this also apply to their hair? I’d be interested to know what you do with your children.

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  1. Finn (5) has full control over his ‘do, and if the hairdresser asks me what I want, I redirect the question to Finn. I do have a bit of an advantage as once his father took him to the barber, and he came back with a short-back-and-sides style that he simply hated. This makes it slightly easier for me to get him to go for a haircut! He considers his long-ish, scruffy style to be part of who he is.

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