Get Your Craft On: Jingle Bells

IMG_20131228_214016Many of the gifts we gave this Christmas were home made and I thought it might be nice to write about them. For Plum and my youngest niece I made crocheted anklets with jingle bells attached.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take photos of the set I made for my 18 month old niece, which were made from crochet cotton, which changed from purple to white and back again. The tiny bells on that set were purple silver and pink.

Plum’s set was a little more robust and made from a thicker yarn, which was also self patterning and gave two anklets of different colours. I used bronze coloured bells on this set and when Plum wore them and walked around, they jingled very loudly!

I’m now making some wristlets too, for my niece. I may even make some to sell too.

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