Get Your Craft On: Tree Decorations

I’ve been a little bit quiet on here of late – a consequence of being so busy making things for Christmas.  I will post about the things I’ve made over the course of the next couple of weeks, but here’s the first instalment, and one which the children helped with.

spice biscuitsWe made spice biscuits using this recipe from Nurture Store, although we changed it to make it gluten free (and I used ground nutmeg, not fresh). That was just a simple matter of changing the flour to Doves Farm gluten free. Bizarrely, because the opposite is usually true of gluten free baking, I had to add more flour to make rolling possible, but even with gf flour, it rolled well, and didn’t crack and break.  I made a huge batch of the dough, and then ran out of time to bake all the biscuits, so covered the pan and left the rest of the dough overnight – it was even easier to use the next day.

The children helped make the tree decorations from this dough  we cut out large starts, transferred them to the baking tray, cut out a small star from the middle (moving them after doing this proved impossible) and put a boiled sweet in the hole. We even remembered to make a hole at the top so we could hang them on the tree.

When they came out of the oven, we gave them all a light dusting of icing sugar. We had plenty of little stars from the middle, and we may have eaten a few of these. They were delicious!

This is such an easy make, and I think we’ll be doing it every year. Having played with the dough, I’m pretty sure it will be a great one to use to make a “gingerbread” house with too, so that’s on the list for next year, complete with boiled sweet windows!

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