Review: Jingle Bells (and Angels and Penguins)

I love chocolate, did you know that? I love good chocolate especially muchly. A couple of years ago, I was invited to review a chocolate Christmas wreath from Hotel Chocolat, a task which my family were more than willing to help with. It was lovely. This year, we were again invited to review their Christmas range, and Bean was keen to earn his keep by taking part in this task.

We were sent a Mingles and Jingles Bag which contained 35 individually wrapped chocolates – milk chocolate penguins, white chocolate bells and caramel milk chocolate angels.  They come packed in a reusuable cotton bag and each chocolate has its own gold and white checked wrapper.

I have to be honest and say that in the wrappers, they don’t look special at all,  but when you open them, they are beautifully detailed (and the white chocolate is full of vanilla seeds – yum!). I would have liked to have hung them on the tree somehow, but the packaging wasn’t great for this (and the chocolate is far too thick to be able to string them after the fact, which is a good thing, I think!)


So, they look fantastic, but how do they taste? Well, the answer is … amazing. The milk chocolate is 40% cocoa solids, so has a good bit of flavour to it, and the penguins were very chunky, so there was plenty of it in each one. I was a bit unsure about the caramel angels, imagining something akin to Caramac (which I hate), but I shouldn’t have worried. There was plenty of caramel taste in the chocolate, without being sickly, and the quality was easy to spot. The angels were not as chunky as the penguins, and this was fine – if they had have been, I think they would have been too sickly. The angels were incredibly detailed in their design. The white chocolate bells were fairly chunky too. As I’v already mentioned, there was plenty of real vanilla in them, but the chocolate was a bit sweet for my tastes. That suited my children just fine, since they were very happy to keep them for themselves – it became a game to see whose turn it was to get that day’s bell!

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The Mingles and Jingles Bag costs £21. There are lots of other items in the Christmas range, from the delicious looking Hazelnut Bûche Dark & Nutty Chocolate Log at £9 to the Chocolatier’s Table at £65. There are even individual chocolate lollies for less than £2 each and enormous Christmas hampers at £300. There’s something for everyone! You can order until 23rd December for guaranteed delivery in time for Christmas.


Disclosure: we were sent a free Mingles and Jingles Bag to review. The opinions are our own.

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  1. oww…they look so cute..lovely details! …taste yummy as well I guess…

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