A Rose By Any Other Name

A rose by any other name ...

Bean has become obsessed with Harry Potter recently. He’s devouring the books, loving watching the films each Saturday afternoon. And several times a week, he calls himself Harry and pretends he’s at Hogwarts.

He likes to get Plum involved in these games too, and tells her she is Hermione. She’s practised and practised, and can now just about say this. But Plum likes to take things a step further, so in the midst of these games, she will only answer to Hermione. Using her actual name elicits a cross reminder that she is not Plum. I can handle that.

When I say that Plum likes to take it a step further than Bean, I really mean she likes to take it to epic proportions. PK is enlisted and becomes Ron, although he’s oblivious to this, but Plum will only let me call the boys either Ron or Harry at these times, and I tend to forget a bit.

And then, the game ends, and Plum continues. She’s still Hermione. Unless she isn’t and she’s changed character again. When this happens, she expects me to know who she is and get it right. It can be quite daunting. I fell a bit like the miller’s daughter in Rumplestiltskin, trying to guess the name.  Mostly, she’s just Hermione or Rapunzel. Sometimes she might be Melody or Tig.

This morning she came downstairs, I said “good morning Plum”, to be greeted by a very cross

I’m not Plum, I’m Mordecai!

OK then.

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