Many of the gifts we gave this Christmas were home made and I thought it might be nice to write about them. For Plum and my youngest niece I made crocheted anklets with jingle bells attached. Unfortunately, I didn’t take photos of the set I made for my[…]

When I wrote about my experience at my son’s Harvest Festival this year, it prompted discussions all over the Webfordshire about breastfeeding in public. Some of those discussions centred around the fact that I breastfed my daughter, who was almost three at the time. This post isn’t about[…]

    This postcard arrived with an explanation as to what Buckeyes are and why Ohio is named after them. Bean thought the Buckeyes looked like Conkers and wondered if they were the same thing.

Last year, my parents moved house and at Christmas we realised that the owners of a nearby house decked their house out completely with Christmas lights. Not just their house, but the gardens and shed too, and all in the name of charity. We intended to take the[…]

I’ve been a little bit quiet on here of late – a consequence of being so busy making things for Christmas.  I will post about the things I’ve made over the course of the next couple of weeks, but here’s the first instalment, and one which the children[…]

    This card arrived right at the beginning of December and was our first Christmas card of the year. I love the olde worlde charm of this picture and Bean liked the bear, which he thought looked robotic.