ahh, the joys of family. Bean and I were playing a game. Plum and PK were playing together. Then Plum smacked PK’s head off the floor and at the same moment, it transpired that PK needed a clean nappy. So, whilst PK screamed I tried to change his[…]

Today, I took Bean, Plum and PK on an adventure. I managed to get free tickets to see Mr Bloom’s Big Day in Sheffield and so off we went. We drove to Sheffield and used the Park and Ride, which Plum was very excited about, because it meant[…]

Well, no sooner had I posted the update saying I was still waiting for a response to my complaint, than a response arrives in the post. Are you ready? The first section related to an anomaly they found in their complaints procedure which meant that my complaint was[…]

If you’ve been following the story about my Harvest Horror – being asked to stop breastfeeding at a school harvest festival because it was “inappropriate” and “a protection issue”, you might like to know what the current state of play is. I haven’t dropped it. My formal complaint[…]