So here we are in our first week of home education. Bean wants to get straight in and get on with it, though some of our recent conversations have revealed that he thought our “lessons” would be much like school. When I explained again how I saw it[…]

I posted a tutorial on making a Christmas tree out of old catalogues and gift brochures last year, on another blog. That post has since been lost, and I have recently been asked if I can resurrect the tutorial, so here it is! 

Last week, after handing in our de-registration letter to Bean’s school, I had a meeting with his class teacher. He’d asked if I’d like to meet so we could discuss Bean’s progress, and he could show me where they were up to with various aspects of his school[…]

Recently, Plum has declared that she does not like vegetables. Having previously eaten pretty much anything under the sun, she now turns her nose up at almost everything, including some of her previous favourites. And it’s not just veg, it’s food in general. She now doesn’t like carrots,[…]

We don’t like what is happening to state education. We don’t think Gove is fit to be in charge. We see him systematically dismantling what others have worked so hard to build. We see him readying state education for privatisation. Selling off our children’s future for the profit of others. And we want no part of it. Our children are too precious to allow this kind of meddling.