We’re Jammin’ ….

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10 comments on “We’re Jammin’ ….

  1. Its a nice picture of bottles….

  2. I’m over the moon for mason jars and actually love canning in them too. 😉

  3. Lauren @ Hobo Mama on said:

    Yea, how fun!

  4. Cool shot! 🙂

    Happy Wordless Wednesday! My entry is here.

  5. Cool shot! I’ve never jammed….or canned.

  6. creative shot!!!

  7. Louis la Vache on said:

    E-mail ol’ «Louis» a jar of jam, please! 🙂

    «Louis» got his Wordless photo of the Golden Gate Bridge with his iPhone.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  8. Louis la Vache on said:

    hee hee… «Louis» forgot that you are in the UK and Thanksgiving is a U.S. and Canadian holiday. (The Canadians celebrate it on a different day than does the U.S.) 🙂

  9. mmmmm…..my MIL just brought me some home made jam the other day. delicious.
    I should be doing this too….but the berries around here are really awful right now.