Our Home Ed Plans for this year

So here we are in our first week of home education. Bean wants to get straight in and get on with it, though some of our recent conversations have revealed that he thought our “lessons” would be much like school. When I explained again how I saw it working, his eyes lit up – when he gets interested in a topic, he likes to be able to immerse himself in it completely and of course, now he will be able to do exactly that.

I think though that this shows why it’s important to take the advice we’ve been given and take some time to “unschool”, to find out what home ed will look like for us and leave behind what school looks like.

With that in mind, I’ve come up with a little project we can do in the run up to Yule and Christmas. First on the list though, is spending some time learning how to play the guitar Santa brought Bean last Christmas. He wants to be a rock star, but isn’t keen on learning the basics, so we’ll spend perhaps 15 minutes a day to start with, getting to grips with that. And our project will be fun I hope, as well as educational. We’ll do something each day – these are the things I have planned so far (in no particular order):


  1. Make mince pies
  2. Collect pine cones
  3. Make clay decorations (with home made air drying clay)
  4. Make Christmas cards for family
  5. Decorate the tree
  6. Make gingerbread stained glass decorations
  7. Make a Christmas cake
  8. Decorate the windows
  9. Make a wreath (probably from pine cones)
  10. Make a gift (in fact, we’ll be making lots of gifts together, which will give us at least a week of things to do)
  11. Make a Yule log (or two – one wooden, one chocolate)
  12. Learn about Christmas in another country – we’ll probably use Germany
  13. Learn the Yule story
  14. Go to the forest and celebrate Yule
  15. Visit a German market (with Grandma)

No doubt, other things will be added to the list too, but I think we have enough here to keep us going until Yule, especially as some days will be taken up with other things.

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