A Crime of Passion

ahh, the joys of family.

Bean and I were playing a game. Plum and PK were playing together. Then Plum smacked PK’s head off the floor and at the same moment, it transpired that PK needed a clean nappy.

So, whilst PK screamed I tried to change his nappy whilst simultaneously holding a cold compress on the spot on his head where a nice bruise was emerging. Plum was crying because she realised she was wrong to hurt her brother. And Bean was trying to talk to me about something over all this chaos.

And then Stonelaughter, who was working from home, tried to say something to me over the intercom he’s rigged up (don’t ask!). But, unable to make himself heard, he turned it off so he could concentrate better and sent me a Facebook message instead.  I know you’re dying to know what soothing words he had for me at this moment. A virtual hug? A reminder to breathe? Errrr….

Darling when you’re free could I have a cup of tea please?

Just so I know, a jury of my peers wouldn’t even dare convict me, would they?


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  1. Ah, life as a mom…

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