Bloomin’ Marvellous

mrbloomToday, I took Bean, Plum and PK on an adventure. I managed to get free tickets to see Mr Bloom’s Big Day in Sheffield and so off we went.

We drove to Sheffield and used the Park and Ride, which Plum was very excited about, because it meant going on the tram and she talked non-stop the whole 4 stops about what she could see out of the window. Bean took great delight in buying his own ticket on the tram, being the only one of the children who needed a ticket  (and I had to buy mine before we got on the tram for some odd reason).

We got to The Crucible and saw all the CBeebies tents and marquees and the stage. We weren’t sure where we needed to go, so asked and it transpired that someone *cough* didn’t check the date on the tickets properly, and we were two days early. So instead, we watched the CBeebies Panto being recorded, saw Rastamouse, met Sid and Andy, saw some reindeer, and cycled to generate the power to light a Christmas tree. Not bad for a mistake.


And on Sunday, Plum, PK and I will go and see Mr Bloom.

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