Camping It Up

I have a plan. Well, not a plan, exactly- more of a half-formed idea that might turn into something really great. I hope so.


Now, I’m aware that this word on its own is not exactly earth-shattering. We go camping every summer; the children really enjoy it. I’d like to make more of this and instead of going for 4 or 5 days, I’d like to take them on a more extended camping trip next year.  This is where my “plan” stops being umm… plannish.

I don’t know where to take them, or when. I’d like it to be late spring or early autumn and I want it to be in the UK. Since Stonelaughter won’t be able to take off from work for weeks on end, we’ll need to be within reasonable travelling distance for him to join us at weekends. And it needs to be cheap.

We don’t do glamping. If there are flushing toilets, we consider that the height of luxury. The best place we’ve camped was on an organic farm. The cows in the field next to us were the cows providing the milk for our coffee and pancakes. There was a totem pole in the field. The toilets were composting toilets on stilts in the woods and the shower was operated with your foot and a length of hose dangled into the bucket of water you had heated up on your camp kitchen. We loved it. But it was very pricey.

So, where would you recommend? Where have you been that you loved and where should we avoid at all costs? We’re in Nottinghamshire, so somewhere within a couple of hours’ drive from here would be ideal. I look forward to reading your suggestions.

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