This postcard came with Ni Hao written in script on the back, which Bean found fascinating!

Yesterday was chutney making day in our house. For some reason, I’d also decided it should be a rest day for my eyes and wore my glasses rather than my contact lenses, as my optician begs me to do as much as possible. About half way through chopping[…]

I’m not sure how I managed to get to 39 years old without having made a Christmas cake, but I have. How I managed it in my family, where everyone seems to know how to make a great Christmas cake, is anyone’s guess. But here we are. And[…]

  Bean really liked the chalk drawings on this card – picked by the sender for that reason. His favourite was the colourful sun at the bottom of the card.

We were asked to review The Snowman and The Snowdog DVD, which has been released this month. It’s the sequel to Raymond Briggs’ classic animated tale about a snowman that comes magically to life after the chimes of midnight. Created to mark the 30th anniversary of the original[…]