Preparing for Samhain

We always try and do something special as a family for Samhain, although we haven’t always managed it. Bean has been asking that we make more of our festivals though, and we’re pleased he wants this, so we have been trying to do more.

So I’ve been planning some family activities for Thursday. Stonelaughter needs to work, but he’ll join us afterwards. I’ve decided that we’ll take Bean out of school for the day so that we can really make the most of it. I’m not sure what order these will be done in, but there will be pumpkin carving, soul cake making, roasting pumpkin seeds, a scavenger hunt in the forest, a family meal, the making of an ancestor tree. I want to emphasise the dual aspect of Samhain – the last of the harvests, as well as the Day of the Dead. We don’t celebrate it as new year in our family, instead feeling the need for a “fallow” period and so for us Yule marks the start of the new year.


I found some great resources on the Woodland Trust website, and will be adapting some of those for our hunt in Sherwood Forest and so that both Bean and Plum can take part.

I’m really looking forward to it, and I would love to hear what you’re planning if you celebrate Samhain.

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