Updated: Barefoot Books Bargains

well, what a response I had to my offer of five book for £30!  So much so, that I have had to revise the list as some titles are now no longer available in this offer, and some more have been added.

Choose any five of these Barefoot Books and pay £30, including UK shipping – save up to £50!



I Took the Moon for a Walk
Ruby’s School Walk RRP £5.99
Ruby’s Sleepover RRP £5.99
What’s This? A Seed’s Story RRP £5.99 – last one!
I Took the Moon for a Walk RRP £5.99
Winter King, Summer Queen RRP £5.99
Tenzin’s Deer RRP £5.99
Shrinking Sam RRP £5.99
The Real Princess RRP £5.99 – last one!
Herb, the Vegetarian Dragon RRP £5.99
Catch that Goat! RRP £6.99 – last one!
Up and Down the Andes RRP £6.99 – last one!
Elephant Dance RRP £6.99 – last one!
Fabrics of Fairytale pb with CD RRP £9.99


Here We Go Round the Mulberry BushSingalongs with CD

Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush RRP £6.99
Creepy Crawly Calypso RRP £6.99
Whole World RRP £6.99  – last one!
Over in the Meadow RRP £6.99  – last one!
The Shape Song Swingalong RRP £6.99  – last one!



My Mama Earth RRP £10.99
The Boy Who Grew Flowers RRP £10.99
Welcome to the World RRP £14.99
Mrs Moon RRP £14.99


The Feathered OgreChapter Books – Early Readers

The Mother of Monsters RRP £5.99
The Terrible Chenoo RRP £5.99
The Abominable Snowman RRP £5.99
The Feathered Ogre RRP £5.99


Chapter Books – Confident Readers

The Twelve Dancing Princesses RRP £6.99
Snow Queen RRP £6.99


Robin HoodChapter Books – Advanced Readers

The Shipwreck RRP £7.99
Finn at Clee Point RRP £7.99
The Adventures of Achilles RRP £7.99
The Adventures of Odysseus RRP £7.99
Robin Hood RRP £7.99
Little Leap Forward RRP £7.99
Little Leap Forward hardback edition RRP £9.99


L'ours dans un carreBilingual Books

Bear about Town/ L’Ours dans la ville
Bear at Home/ L’Ours à la maison
Bear in Sunshine/L’ours au soleil
Bear in a Square/L’ours dans un carré
Bear at Work/L’Ours au travail
Bear’s Busy Family/ La familia ocupada de Oso
Bear in Sunshine/Oso bajo el sol – last one!


Who's in the Garden?Board Books

You and Me RRP £8.99
Skip Through the Seasons RRP £10.99 – last one!
Who’s in the Garden RRP £8.99
Walk with Me RRP £5.99 – last one!
Talk with Me RRP £5.99



Port Side Pirates! Puzzle RRP £9.99
Journey Home from Grandpa’s Puzzle RRP £9.99
Over in the Meadow Puzzle RRP £9.99 – last one! (very slightly damaged box)


To order your selection, please email me with your titles and once confirmed, I will send you an invoice.

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