The Allotment Project

During the summer, I decided that I would like an allotment to use as a project with the children. I dutifully put my name on the local waiting lists and waited. And then I discovered that  a friend had done the same, six months earlier and was still waiting. It was at this point that we decided we could share an allotment (or two) and so we waited together.

My friend’s number came up a few weeks ago and off we went to view the plot that would be ours, for just a few pounds a year. It’s all very exciting. I’m doing that thing they tell you to do when you go and view a house and imagining what it could be like. At the moment, it’s 196 sqm of weeds in an odd triangular plot.

2013-09-27 13.03.08 2013-09-27 13.03.43

But, it’s south facing. And it has brambles along one edge. And it’s near the entrance and not too far from the standpipe. And it’s ours. And we’re all excited about what could be. We have plans. Possibly too many plans at the moment; we need to reign ourselves in a bit and plan properly what we are going to do. We’ve also discovered that we can keep chickens on the allotment. This could get dangerous (though the chickens might have to wait until my number comes up and we have another allotment to expand into).

If all goes to plan, we’ll be using homegrown pumpkins for Samhain next year!

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One comment on “The Allotment Project

  1. Colleen McManus on said:

    WOW we will be buying our pumpkins from you next year. All sounds very exciting. Briliant xx

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