All Change

It’s been half term this past week and we borrowed the in-law’s chalet and spent some time at the seaside. The east coast of England at the arse-end of October isn’t somewhere you go for sun, but there’s something wonderful about a beach in Autumn and Winter and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

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It was lovely to have some time to spend with the children with no deadlines and no pressures, just time for games and fun and being silly. And reading. Lots of reading.

Now we’re home and in my more relaxed frame of mind I felt the need for a bit of change at blogsville too, and so I’ve gone for a more whimsical makeover, bringing in a bit of colour for the first time in ages.

We made some decision whilst we were away too, and it’s going to be all change here at home in the next couple of months. Exciting times. More on that another time.

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