We Plough the Fields and Scatter …

Ahh, it’s that time of year again when, having remembered that it’s harvest festival tomorrow, I frantically search my cupboards for unopened packets that I can send in to school. I vaguely remember when I was organised enough to go and buy something – something suitable for its end destination, whether homeless shelter or food bank. The days when I had one child. Those days are long gone and our offerings now consist of whatever I’ve managed to cobble together from the cupboards. The problem with this plan, of course, is that we don’t use much in the way of packets and non-perishables.

So, the choice this year is dismal. My cupboards contain quite a variety of stock, some ketchup, honey, balsamic vinegar, pickle, a variety of gluten-free flour, herbs and spices, dried fruit, brewers’ yeast and dried gluten-free pasta of various designs.

The unopened packets are as follows:

  • a 300g bag of fennel seeds (possibly not ideal for a food bank – it would keep the average Indian restaurant going for a month)
  • a pack of gluten-free cous cous (again, not ideal – and given the price of gluten-free anythings, not likely)
  • a pack of Mrs Crimble’s gluten-free stuffing (I had to elbow three Grannies out of the way to get it. It stays here)
  • a bag of dried cranberries (not overly useful, and also, it screams “I forgot about Harvest Festival. Again”)
  • a tub of passata (slightly more useful, and slightly less vocal, but still in the “I forgot” camp).

So, passata it is. Everyday value passata. Please don’t judge me.

An ideal contribution to the Harvest Festival?

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