Bank Holiday Fun

Over the bank holiday we were surprised to find that there was at least one day when we didn’t get traditional bank holiday weather. Monday was a glorious day! We had some things we needed to get done in the morning, so whilst Bean and Plum lazed on a sofa, their heads buried in books, and Pumpkin slept, Stonelaughter and I got on with the stuff we needed to do.

DSCF6056After lunch we packed them all up into the car and set off for Sherwood Forest. It was busy when we got there, but we had a leisurely stroll from the visitor centre down to the Major Oak – Bean loves to see what has changed since the last time we were there, and this time, lots of the grasses (brush?) at the sides of the path had been cleared, which led to much more open space than we have been used to over the years.

It was a warm walk with the sun shining, so when we got to the Major Oak we sat on the grass and had ice creams, before Bean and Plum went off exploring in the nearby section of forest, where there were lots of other children.

DSCF6038We can see them quite easily in this section of the forest, so it’s nice to be able to give them a bit of freedom, especially Plum who is too young to get much in the way of this kind of freedom in most places. It was Pumpkin’s first trip to the forest, and he enjoyed lying on his sling on the grass in the shade – there was so much going on he wasn’t sure where to look next.

After a while, Bean and Plum came back and Bean asked if we could go to “our special place” now. For those who don’t know, Stonelaughter and I were married in Sherwood Forest ten years ago, and the spot where it all took place is off the main public walkways, although very easy to get to.

DSCF6069It’s a little clearing surrounded by old oak trees and when we first found the spot, there were rabbits hopping about and squirrels playing in the trees. When we come to the forest, we always come here. It’s magical, for so many reasons. There are long grasses surrounding it, and it affords the children a great adventure each time we come. It also cuts off most of the noise of the crowds if it’s a busy day, and it’s just so peaceful. I always feel revived by a trip here.

We’ve noticed over the years that it has become less off the beaten track than it used to be – and I need to work on my sense of outrage when another family wanders past!  I loved sitting on the grass under the oak with long meandering overhanging branch (which was much shorter and still alive when it hovered over our wedding ten years ago) playing with Sid and watching a family of squirrels darting in and out of the holes in a tree across the path. Stonelaughter was playing his flutes, and Bean and Plum were off exploring and searching for beautiful pebbles.

DSCF6070It was so lovely to be back there again and it was gone 6pm before we set off back to the car park. When we’d arrived it was a struggle to find a spot to park in, but it was deserted by the time we made it back.

A perfect bank holiday.

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