eeek! I’m a bit late posting this today. Gluten Free Friday is intended to be a round up of gluten free recipes from around the web.  You are welcome to add recipes here – they don’t have to be your own, but if you’ve found a great recipe,[…]

Over the bank holiday we were surprised to find that there was at least one day when we didn’t get traditional bank holiday weather. Monday was a glorious day! We had some things we needed to get done in the morning, so whilst Bean and Plum lazed on[…]

It’s Gluten Free Friday again. Please tell your friends about this place – they can come here and find some great gluten free recipes from around the web, and they can post their own too.  I really want to build this into a great weekly round-up. Please do[…]

I suspect that many people reading this will already know about Matilda Mae, but I know some won’t. On February 2 this year, Jennie from Edspire put her nine month old daughter to bed as normal. Within a few short hours, Matilda Mae had fallen asleep forever. I[…]

I was pondering things the other day and realised that for the last three years I have been pregnant or breastfeeding or both. I’m currently breastfeeding both my two year old daughter and four month old son. I’m coming up to five years of breastfeeding altogether when I[…]