The End of an Era

Two month after Plum was born, I embarked on a new adventure. I joined a company as a freelance jewellery maker, helping to create their silver keepsake jewellery. It wasn’t long before I wanted more, and I took on a franchise to open a studio and create 2D keepsake products too. Three months later, I added 3D products to my range. I was busy and had a thriving business.

Two years after Plum was born, I had Pumpkin. I was still working until a couple of weeks before he arrived, and was still arranging for the last couple of stragglers to collect their finished pieces two days before he was born. And then I took three months off, knowing that I might extend that leave depending on how things were.

That time is up now, and it’s become clear to me that it’s time to move on, close that chapter. Creating those beautiful pieces takes a lot of time, and that’s something that’s in short supply for me these days. With three young children, two of whom are at home with me all day, there are never enough hours in the day for lots of things.

My other business, my Barefoot Books business, has really taken off over the last year. I was in the first “batch” of Ambassadors to be made a Sales Leader when that new role was created, and then four months later, I became a Team Leader too – currently the only team leader in England. My own sales have exploded too, and I am also enjoying being creative in ideas for my team, to help them build a rounded, sustainable business that they can also show their teams how to duplicate. I’m loving it. I’ve earned all kinds of rewards in the last year, besides the money I earned – including a four day trip to the South of France next month. But it all takes time.

And so something had to give. I’m not willing to let of my books business. I love it. The path I have decided to take with that business requires so many different skills and it keeps my brain moving. I love that I am working with other women, and helping them earn too. And if I’m honest, I love that what I do brings me recognition with the company. It boosts my confidence.

If that stays, something else has to go and that something is my keepsake franchise. This week, my studio has been packed up, equipment shipped out. I’m not sad. I learned a new skill. I made a profit – something, which in these trying times, is a success in itself. I feel good about my decision.

All I need to do now is stop myself thinking I have freed up some time which I could fill with something else!


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  1. Well done Nicola, running a business and taking care of a family is hard going.

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