I was searching through some old blog posts last night, looking for some inspiration for something else. The blog is a few years old now and there are quite a number of posts and inevitably, I had forgotten all about some of them.

One such post leapt out at me. It wasn’t really a post, so much as a link with a little explanation. A link to a post about problematic breastfeeding and the battle to succeed in breastfeeding a baby with tongue tie. I had forgotten all about this link until last night, but having read the post it links to again, I wish I had remembered it in December or January when I was battling to feed a baby with a tongue tie. Especially since my baby’s tongue tie was dealt with when he was 2 days old, or so we thought. It was another 4 weeks and after he lost 17% of his birth weight that we got to see someone who recognised posterior tongue tie.

He was 5 weeks old when that was dealt with, and it wasn’t until then that we could begin to establish breastfeeding, and I had to rebuild supply, he had to not only learn how to feed, but unlearn the bad techniques he had developed in that time. And here we are now at 16 weeks. He feeds well, but he is still on supplements. If you read this blog regularly, you’ll know his weight has been a balancing act and we are only just at the stage where we feel comfortable about slowly reducing supplement.

We haven’t made it to the 6 month mark (yet), or the year mark, or the two year mark – but he isn’t that old yet. I do feel confident now that we will make it there though. And it was only a few short weeks ago when I thought we would have to abandon breastfeeding altogether.

It’s been hard, but it has been worth it. I know many, many people would have given up long before now, but I had excellent support from lots of areas, much of it NHS funded. We need more of that support.

You can read the full account of our journey through the first few weeks in 5 therapeutic (for me) posts, starting here

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