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You can do anything if you put your mind to it


How often do we hear those words? Say them to our children by way of encouragement? Tell ourselves when we start to doubt. You can do anything if you put your mind to it.

Except that it’s not actually true is it? I’ve been reminded of this again today.

I don’t mean that we can’t do amazing things and exceed expectations. We can.
Achieving anything, let alone something amazing, takes more than a bit of thought. The thought, the planning is important, vital even, but if that’s where the effort ends then it’s a bit like asking [insert preferred deity here] for a new job and expecting one to land on your lap without even going to the trouble of applying for any. There has to be a bit of effort somewhere.

Planning doesn’t amount to much if you don’t then stir yourself to put those plans into action. I know the majority of people (everyone?) reading this will be thinking that is hardly news. Stating the obvious is a talent, you know. Except that I’m beginning to think that perhaps this is not as obvious as it ought to be to a number of people.

When I was researching the effects of sound therapy on insomnia, I advertised for insomnia sufferers who were willing to undergo free, non-invasive (non-contact) treatment. I was surprised, frustrated, irritated even when some of my clients did not carry out their “homework” between sessions. Simple homework, such as tapping out a simple heartbeat rhythm at bedtime would routinely go undone. One, who had suffered for over twenty years, refused to the do exercises between sessions and when there wasn’t a cure after three sessions, refused further treatment because “it didn’t work”. Thankfully, most did find incredible improvements in their insomnia in three weeks.

But I see it all the time. People who want to make big changes in their lives without having to make any effort. I see it from time to time in my business too (thankfully, quite rarely these days) – people who want to run a business, sign up, pay their fee and then expect the money to come rolling in. Without completing the training. Without picking up the phone. Without writing a plan. One post on Facebook and their marketing is done.

We can have big dreams. We can do extraordinary things.

We can do anything, if we put our mind to it. As long as we put a bit of body and spirit into it too!


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