It’s a Family Affair

I made a mistake this week. I tried to have a relaxing bath whilst the children were awake.  I know.

I hadn’t even got the taps turned on before the two year old was running around shouting “Baff, baff, I want baff Mummy, Cacha have baff. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff”

Do you remember when you had time for a long, hot soak in the tub?

In order to keep the peace (for everyone else), I agreed she could come in the bath with me, thinking she’d have 10-15 minutes, get bored and I’d just top up the hot water and relax. Well, it started well. We washed and combed her hair, laughed at how ridiculously curly her hair has become, made cakes with her jug and spoon, bubbles and bath water, chilled.  And then mouth almighty my seven year old joined us. Suddenly, my happy two year old (who has been throwing tantrums left, right and centre all week) was getting upset because her brother was putting bath bubbles on her hand and elephant poo in her cake mix. There was nothing for it but to pour the cake mix back into the water and start again, replacing the elephant poo with chocolate made of bubbles. Kids – who’d have ’em?

Peace restored, they were giggling together and then I heard the gentle sounds of a baby demanding food and knew it would not be long before child number 3 would be joining me. A minute later, hubby arrived in the bathroom carrying a naked baby. Handing him to me, he bribed the other two with home made ice cream and I got to share my bath again. By the time he’d finished feeding and had got bored of floating and splashing and in the bath, I’d got rather bored of it myself. I handed a now screaming baby to hubby.

And had a shower.

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