Introducing “The Sated Coeliac”

The Sated Coeliac - Gluten Free RecipesSomething that is a constant feature in my life, and that of my family, is Coeliac Disease. It means that I cannot eat gluten, which in practical terms means I cannot eat anything which contains wheat, rye or barley, their derivatives or anything contaminated by them.

Ten years after my diagnosis, I am OK with it. I’m not delighted by it. I still have strops when I crave something I can never again eat. I yearn for lovely, arty bread. But I am OK with it. The easiest way for me to avoid everything I have to avoid and my family to eat a meal together is for me to cook every meal we have from scratch. This is no great feat – it’s what I did before I was diagnosed too, preferring good, homecooked food over supermarket offerings.

It took a while, a long while, to understand what was OK and what was not, but you know what? Once you have grasped this, eating gluten free, at home at least, is very easy. But it occurred to me that when you are first diagnosed (and it’s a common disease – our chances of having it are 1 in 100, rising to 1 in 10 if an immediate family member has it) it is a confusing, scary place to be and the supermarket is like a torture chamber. So I started to publish recipes for the meals I cooked. Not fancy – just the meals my family ate together, the stuff that gets you through every day. But eventually, life took over and I didn’t have time to keep my gluten free blog The Sated Coeliac going.

I’ve decided to resurrect it. I recovered the old recipes from the database and will publish them here. I will add to them and hope that they are useful to others. And if something takes your fancy and you’re not gluten free, they are very easy to change back to suit an ordinary diet.

I probably ought to point out that I am definitely of the “a bit of this, a bit that” school when it comes to cooking, so creating recipes is painful. As a result, I might end up going too far the other way and write quite prescriptive recipes. Take what you need, ignore the rest. I’m never sure how much detail people need and I find it frustrating if I read a recipe that misses out details I need.

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