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The Sated Coeliac - Gluten Free RecipesThe secret to good cooking, of any kind, is a well stocked store cupboard, full of the basics. It allows you to pull together new flavours from what’s already there. Here, I share what’s in my gluten-free store cupboard, along with my favourite brands. I’ll add to it as I remember and/or discover new items.


Stock Ideally, of course, you should make your own stock. Pffft, I have three kids, a business, two blogs and a husband. When am I going to make stock? I use Knorr stock, all the time. Both their cubes and their stockpots are gluten free, unlike many other brands. The cubes come in a wider variety of flavours, the stockpots dissolve more easily. You can buy dedicated GF brands of stock, and pay twice the price for the privilege, but the flavours are not as nice, imo.

Gravy Usually, I make my own gravies and sauces from scratch, which is very simple, but sometimes, having gravy granules on hand is useful. Bisto Best is gluten free, but beware – other Bisto lines are not!

Xanthum Gum The secret to making gluten free baking behave. You can find it in most supermarket Free From sections. It’s a good one to have in the cupboard, because in my experience, if you make a special trip for it, it will be out of stock. I use Doves Farm and Life Free From.

Baking Powder Most baking powders contain wheat, but there are a couple of GF brands out there. Again, they’re found in the Free From section and again, will be out of stock when you need it most, so have it in the cupboard ready. I use  Doves Farm or Dr Oetker.

Flour Mixes I have a cupboard full of various flours, but for everyday use and most baking I use a ready mix. I’ve tried lots, including those available on prescription and so far I favour Doves Farm Plain and Self Raising flours and Asda Plain and Self Raising Flours (which I suspect, but don’t know, is DF in own brand packaging)

Soy Sauce I love Chinese food, but since ordinary soy sauce contains gluten and it’s used in almost everything, the only option is to make it myself. I always used to have Life Free From in the cupboard, because soy sauce comes in handy in lots of dishes, not just Chinese, but it’s become very difficult to get hold of. If you can’t get gluten free soy sauce, then gluten free Tamari sauce works just as well and is easier to find.

Worcestershire Sauce Another staple because it livens up anything, the gluten free brand I prefer is Life Free From.

Spaghetti We love pasta in this house, so we’ve tried lots of brands of gluten free pastas. Our favourite spaghetti brands are Asda Organic and Juvella because, in our experience, they behave the best, stick less, and taste nicest.

Pasta For other pasta shapes, such as shells and the like, we like Doves Farm and Asda, although I use Juvella a lot too.

A wide variety of herbs and spices I have enough herbs and spices in my cupboard to worry the foundations, but in my defence, I do use them on a regular basis. Beware of spice mixes though, because they sometimes contain wheat!

Passata sieved tomatoes. We always have this in because it comes in handy all the time. I don’t use tinned whole or chopped tomatoes because they cause Bean to projectile vomit, but for some reason, passata doesn’t. And it’s nicer anyway, because it’s thicker. I always buy the plain variety.

Quinoa Food of the Gods, quinoa is a little miracle food. I use it in place of cous cous, and add it to stews and casseroles too.

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