Interview with a … two year old

Having interviewed my son for the latest in his series of yearly interviews, I decided to try my luck with my two year old daughter. I had to change some of the questions of course, but here are the results

What is your name?  Cacha

Cacha, what is your favourite food?  My lunch!

Cacha, where do carrots come from?  from the rabbits (makes bunny ears)

Who is in your family Cacha? My Dad. My Mummy. My Cian. My Sid

Hands off!

Cacha, what is your favourite colour?  I want my paints, I want my blue

What is your favourite song Cacha? errrm Jingle Jang Carecrow at dancing (Jingle Jangle Scarecrow which she dances to at BabyBallet)

What makes you happy? My starfish! (I have no idea, but this was her immediate answer and her face lit up)

What makes you sad? (pulls a variety of sad faces, but doesn’t answer)

What’s your favourite animal? A pig

What is your favourite toy? In my bedroom, my house (she has a wooden doll’s house in her bedroom)

Cacha, what is the best thing in the world? In water, the sea

And there you have it. Rather less information about who runs the country and where babies come from than in my son’s interview, and a bit more about theft from Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail …

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