Sleep is for the Weak

I’m unbelievably tired at the moment, for a number of reasons.  The usual of course, like having an 11 week old baby and two other children. And last week all three children had a sickness bug. And I’ve had an inner ear infection which knocked me sideways and I’ve had the most unbelievable headache for 10 days now.

This weekend, we went to stay with Hilary, my Barefoot Books mentor, so she and I could do some planning on a new project for our teams to get their teeth into. At one point, we were sitting around the kitchen table, discussing the plans, when my husband came in. My mind flew into panic mode. A few moments before, he had been laying our sleepy baby on the sofa to sleep (very safely). But now he was here in the kitchen and our two year old hurricane daughter was in living room.

“Tom, is Cacha in the living room on her own with Sid? I don’t think that’s very safe whilst he’s sleeping on the sofa”.

Tom, Hilary and her husband all gave me strange looks, and then started laughing. I was confused. “Look at your hands, Nic”, said my husband. I did. “Oh” I said, because until that moment it had completely escaped me that not only was I holding the baby, I was feeding him too.

And that’s what tiredness does to you.

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6 comments on “Sleep is for the Weak

  1. LOL… we’ve all done things like that! I once spent hours searching for my watch and I was wearing it (but on the other wrist than usual) the whole time… #tiredness

  2. Now that’s funny

    I do the same with my glasses. Seriously.

    • yeah, I do it with my sunglasses all the time (I wear contacts mainly. If I were wearing my glasses and put them on my head, I wouldn’t be able to see that hand that put them there). I’ve never managed to do it with an actual baby though lol

  3. My youngest child did not sleep through the night till she started school. I was beside myself with exhaustion both mentally and physically and I don’t think I will ever recover. There were some funny moments though like searching for hours for my specs only to find they were on top of my head the whole time! Or putting a packet of steaks in my handbag and my purse in the fridge!

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