I am in danger. Real danger. I am in danger of becoming a housewife, living in domestic bliss. Maybe It’s been three years since I worked “outside the home” although for the first 18 months of that I was officially still employed, albeit on a mix of sick[…]

I made a mistake this week. I tried to have a relaxing bath whilst the children were awake.  I know. I hadn’t even got the taps turned on before the two year old was running around shouting “Baff, baff, I want baff Mummy, Cacha have baff. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff” In order[…]

The secret to good cooking, of any kind, is a well stocked store cupboard, full of the basics. It allows you to pull together new flavours from what’s already there. Here, I share what’s in my gluten-free store cupboard, along with my favourite brands. I’ll add to it[…]

Something that is a constant feature in my life, and that of my family, is Coeliac Disease. It means that I cannot eat gluten, which in practical terms means I cannot eat anything which contains wheat, rye or barley, their derivatives or anything contaminated by them. Ten years[…]